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Job Title Type/Category Classes Time (Approx) Players Platform(s)
Carpark - South Vs. East Last Team Standing All : Both 5 Mins 2 - 10 PS3 PS4
Race To The Islands Race Motorcycles / Bikes 13 Mins 1 - 6 PS3 PS4
Race Around Sandy Shores! Race All : Both 3 Mins 1 - 16 PS3 PS4
Police HQ Deathmatch Weapons - 2 - 8 PS3
GOLF MADNESS Deathmatch Weapons - 2 - 16 PS3 PS4
Job Title This is the title of the Job, this is what you will be looking for when hosting/finding the job.
Type/Category This is the type of job. Currently available game modes are: Deatchmatches, Captures, Races and LTS (Last Team Sanding).
Classes This shows the available classes in the job from vehicles to weapons. All : Both means all weapons and vehicles are allowed.
Time This is the time approximately it will take to complete and finish the job winning or losing.
Players The total number of players allowed on this job.
Platforms The platforms this job is supported on.

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